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No More Nagging

Your mornings and evenings don’t have to be stressful and chaotic! Imagine a routine that EVERYONE follows. Get my No More Nagging Chart and start enjoying more peaceful days!

Meet Jackie Insinger

Nationally Acclaimed Family Dynamics Expert and Your Guide in The Flip Plan

I’m Jackie, creator of The FLIP Plan. For almost two decades I’ve helped hundreds of amazing families (just like yours!) create better, closer, more fulfilling relationships.

Now it’s your turn.

I’ve wrapped up my all my experience, research, and top education from Harvard and Duke into The FLIP Plan – your step-by-step guide to a happier family.

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Fox 31 Special – The Owner’s Manual for Your Child

How to Keep Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Beating the Homework Battles

Is Your Child Over Scheduled?

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The Flip Plan Programs

I’m all about maximum results in the shortest amount of time.
I’m a mom too. I get it.
Between work, making sure homework is done, getting the boys to practice on time,
AND spending time with my husband – I don’t have time to spare. I know you don’t, either.

That’s why all The FLIP Plan programs give you quick, easy-to-do lessons that focus on BIG results.


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Hear From Jackie’s Clients

Jackie has positively changed thousands of lives through her family consulting. Here are a few…

Patrick Jager

“I can’t say enough about the power of what Jackie does and how her work can immediately improve family relationships.”

Bart Story

“Working with Jackie has helped us more than we could imagine…and I’m confident that what we’ve learned from her will help us during any bumps in the road that may come.”

Kelly Ramsdale

“This is a truly transformative program!”

Michele Crowley

“Jackie provided a life changing understanding of our family.”

Catherine Boren

“Truly one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself and your family!”

Nicole Seawell

“It was the BEST investment in us, and in our family relationships.”

Natalie Tysdal

“Jackie Insinger has changed the way our family communicates and greatly improved our overall dynamic.”

If you’re ready to be done with…

Homework Battles, Late Night Bathroom Parades, Sibling Outbursts, “I Don’t Get You” Moments, and that Hunched, Glazed-Over Look of Screen Time… Then you’re in the right place.

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