The key to unlocking better grades, less battles and greater success in school is to understand your child’s “unique kind of smart.”

Finally! Now you can help your child succeed at school … even if you feel like you’ve tried everything before

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  • Exactly how you can help your child memorize and retain information – it’s not as tough as you think (and it’s probably different than you think, too!
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  • How to make learning more natural and enjoyable – both in and out of school (the usual advice is out of date and doesn’t work any more!)

This assessment uses brand new technology, takes only 3 minutes, and is FUN — yet covers the same proven techniques I’ve used with private clients for years to end homework battles and finally see success at school…
Here’s how it works:

Have Your Child Take the Assessment

In 3 quick minutes your child can swipe their way to a more detailed understanding of how they learn.

Get Instant Access to Their Unique Results

Immediately after completing the assessment, you and your child will be able to dive into their unique abilities and ways of learning.

Adapt Their Studying Technqiues to Fit Their "Smart"

This is also great information to share with teachers, tutors or anyone who is supporting your child’s education.

Best Practices from 20+ Years of Coaching Families

So, why should you listen to me? That’s exactly the right question to be asking.

After all, your child’s education deserves more than someone guessing at what works and certainly more than someone who has tried one strategy with their own kids and now claims to be an expert. I know that I require a higher standard of proof before I trust someone!

My name is Jackie Insinger and I am a Learning Strategist and Parenting Expert. I did my undergrad at Duke University in cognitive and developmental psychology and my Master’s Degree at Harvard in human development and psychology. This truly formative experience allowed me the opportunity to study under groundbreaking heroes in the fields of psychology, development and education.

Upon graduation, I was one of the first team members of a new internet startup (big deal in ’99!) where I was in charge of developing behavioral and personality analyses for a website that was eventually purchased by

After writing nearly 100 of these tests, I moved to Denver to be with my (now) husband and started a successful private practice, Learning Matters, where I worked with children to modify and personalize their academic information for their unique learning styles, while boosting their confidence and self-advocacy skills.

My mission is to help children own who they are, honor their unique gifts and leverage their strengths to become their best self — in learning and in life.