Learning Fingerprints

Living in Platinum™ is all about honoring our family members’ differences and our individual learning styles are as unique as our fingerprints!

With information about how your child learns, you can eliminate homework battles and get rid of that power struggle by leveraging their strengths to help them be more successful. Let’s get started!

Module Checklist


Family Foundation Video

Quick FLIP Activity

My Learning Fingerprint

To begin your assessments, click the button below and you’ll be taken to a new webpage where you’ll be prompted to enter your name, email address and a new password to create an account.

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to your assessment and can start right away!

After your assessment is finished – print or email yourself the results. Click here to see a screenshot of how to do that.

When you’re ready for another family member to take the assessment, hit the “Retake” button (pictured here.)
Here’s the quick summary.

Follow this procedure for each of your 4 assessments:
  1. Login to website via button below
  2. Take assessment
  3. Print or email results
  4. Click “retake” when you’re ready for another family member to take the assessment. (Be sure to print or email results before hitting retake!)

It’s important to note that previous results are NOT stored in the assessment application so each time you hit “retake” the previous results will be erased. Printing and/or emailing your results are important so you can preserve your learning fingerprint.

You’ll be creating a new account with the assessment software, this is not the same as the logins you use for The Flip Plan.

Blueprint in Action

This video gives you more tips and tools on how to apply these strategies into your own family! You’ll also hear about other families who are already using this FLIP, how they do it, and how it helps them.

You’ll receive an email when your Blueprint in Action video is available.

Available Mar 13, 2017

Full FLIP Activity

This will keep your family Living in Platinum™ long into the future with this ongoing activity or guide which creates and maintains lasting positive change.

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Available Mar 27, 2017