It’s Tough in Schools These Days.

Maybe you know what it’s like for your child to start off the new school year with enthusiasm,
only to see them get frustrated and discouraged time and time again.

You do your very best to help them study and do their homework, but you end up at your wits end, close to tears, leaving both of you disappointed and discouraged …again.

Maybe you and your child have suffered through this cycle of hope and disappointment more than once. Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to be able to help your child get the grades they are capable of and finally feel the pride and opportunity of a great report card.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Don’t feel bad – you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault or your child’s.

The reason for everyone’s frustrated efforts is not a lack of natural intelligence, and it’s not a failing on your part, like a lack of patience.

The reason why you can’t seem to help your child learn is really quite simple, and even easy to fix.

What has held them back is teaching with a one sized fits all mentality and long hours on homework working the right material but in the wrong way.

Let that soak in. What that means is wasted time, effort and money with NO results and a very frustrated student, who may be thinking that they are the problem, when it’s really not them at all.

Now…Why Should You Listen to Me?

That’s exactly the right question to be asking.

After all, your child’s education deserves more than someone guessing at what works and certainly more than someone who has tried one strategy with their own kids and now claims to be an expert.

I know that I require a higher standard of proof before I trust someone too!

My name is Jackie Insinger and I am a Learning Strategist and Parenting Expert. I did my undergrad at Duke University in cognitive and developmental psychology and my Master’s Degree at Harvard in human development and psychology. This truly formative experience allowed me the opportunity to study under groundbreaking heroes in the fields of psychology, development and education.

Upon graduation, I was one of the first team members of a new internet startup (big deal in ’99!) where I was in charge of developing behavioral and personality analyses for a website that was eventually purchased by

After writing nearly 100 of these tests, I moved to Denver to be with my (now) husband and started a successful private practice, Learning Matters, where I worked with children to modify and personalize their academic information for their unique learning styles, while boosting their confidence and self-advocacy skills.

All you need is a way to understand how your child learns, and then you can begin to experience the joy of seeing your child’s pride and confidence in their own education.

It’s really that simple. But maybe not obvious.

The truth is though, every great accomplishment involves learning and growth, and significant growth always comes outside your comfort zone.

Sometimes we think other people’s children were just born with more natural talent for school or they’re better, more patient teachers, or… something.

They weren’t.

At one time, every parent started right where you are right now.

There’s no reason holding your child back from the same kind of success that others enjoy.

And there’s even better news: you can enjoy that success faster, better, and easier than those who came before you.

Because right now, there’s My Learning Fingerprint, the first learning assessment tool that provides you with a customized report and roadmap for how YOUR child learns best.


My Learning Fingerprint

If your child can swipe their finger left or right, then you can discover their unique learning fingerprint. The key to unlocking their potential in school and life.

Here’s exactly what You can Get Right Now:

  • Instant access to the My Learning Fingerprint course – with 2 complete learning assessments – more can be purchased for additional children
  • Real life strategy sheets for every learning style – get practical advice on how to leverage your child’s learning fingerprint into more success at school
  • Discover fun, easy to use apps that build on their unique strengths to foster a deep love of learning
  • Videos lessons that give you the tools, research and understanding to advocate for your child in their school

And That is Only the Beginning

After you have implemented the strategies from My Learning Fingerprint, helping your child succeed at school will go from feeling impossible and frustrating to enjoyable and even exciting.

Right about now, if I were you, there would be one question on my mind…

How Much Does it Cost?

You’re smart. You looked around and you know that tutoring and learning assessments cost 100’s of dollars.

And I truly believe that by now you can see it would be worth that much (and more) to finally see your child walk through the door on report card day with their head held high.

In fact, I believe it’s worth a multiple of those other products and services, if only because it gives you a roadmap of how your child learns which can be applied not only to school but to all areas of their life!

Think about this…

  • If the only thing My Learning Fingerprint did was to remove the daily homework battles, it would be worth $200, yes?
  • If the only thing My Learning Fingerprint did was to give you the research-backed information to advocate for your child at school, it would be worth $200, yes?
  • If the only thing My Learning Fingerprint did was help you and your child understand how they learn best, it would be worth $200, yes?
  • If the only thing My Learning Fingerprint did was give you strategies and techniques to make learning fun, it would be worth $200, yes?
  • If the only thing My Learning Fingerprint did was give your child the confidence that they CAN succeed at school with their unique kind of smart, it would be worth $200, yes?
  • The good news is My Learning Fingerprint, does every single one of those things, and more!

But I’m not going to ask you to pay $200. In fact, it won’t even cost you $100.

Because when you take advantage of this special offer right now, your total investment only comes to $47.

The reason why it’s this inexpensive is simple: I don’t want money to stand in the way of you and your child having a deeper understanding of how they learn … And I also want to let you get to know me and the value I bring without a large investment.

It’s Decision Time

You’re standing at the crossroads. Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling with your child… it’s rough, uphill, rocky, and full of pain and frustration – for both of you.

On the right, the road less traveled. It’s smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to your child’s learning success!

Choose the right road. Let’s walk that road together.

P.S. One year from today, you will certainly “arrive”. The real question is… Where? If you wanted to be somewhere different than where you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future for your child, order today.

If you’re ready for…

… the secret to stress-free homework sessions that feel more like fun…
… learning to be more natural and enjoyable – both in and out of school…
… understanding how your child memorizes and retains information
– it’s not as tough as you think (and it’s probably different then you think, too)…

You’re ready for My Learning Fingerprint!

No theoretical stuff.  Just a clear-cut, proven, actionable system that’s easy to implement.
For less than a family trip to the movies.

And right now, it’s all less than $50!