Mom of two energetic boys (and wife of a very energetic husband), Jackie Insinger is a Motivation and Communication Expert and nationally acclaimed Family Dynamics Coach. Jackie studied Developmental Psychology at Duke University and designed a Master’s Degree within Human Development and Psychology at Harvard University.

In 2013, Jackie founded Insinger Insights, which is a marriage of her experience, education and passion. She combines positive psychology, the revolutionary PRINT® survey and a personalized coaching approach to teach people how to maximize their potential while creating and sustaining more meaningful and effective relationships.

In addition to her work with clients, Jackie has a regular TV segment, “Parent 2 Parent,” is a contributing writer for national publications, has partnered with Princeton Review for the Rocky Mountain Region and is grateful to be called upon for workshops and speaking engagements.

Interview Topics and Areas of Expertise

Jackie is available for interviews, guest contributions and speaking engagements around a variety of topics. These include:

  • Stop the Home Battles:
  • No More Nagging:
  • Screen Control:

Outside of these specific areas, Jackie can address topics related to family dynamics, learning styles, motivation, sibling dynamics, marriage, daily routines and more. Jackie can be contacted at Jackie (at)

Interviews, Features & Media Mentions

Audio & Video Interviews

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Print Features & Articles

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