Make This Thanksgiving A Messy One

The Big Dinner

It’s that time again. Thanksgiving is not only a momentous event in itself, but it signifies that the Holidays are quickly approaching … and along with the familiar festivities, cheerful music, colorful decorations and the gift-giving spirit also comes the scramble to get everything ready!

(Not to mention the gift shopping some of us may be starting come Black Friday …)

Stress and overwhelm threaten to creep into our lives during this cozy and celebratory season as we head into the Holidays and prepare for the inevitable chaos.

And if your family is anything like most families I know (including mine!), you know it can sometimes be a bit difficult to blend the many personalities and dynamics that come together, especially on Thanksgiving. As well-intentioned as everyone may be, it can still create a tad bit of overwhelm, especially for the host.

But what if we don’t let the stress and overwhelm win this year? What if we stop and look at all the simple and beautiful things in our lives, especially on the day that is all about giving thanks?


It’s often overlooked. But it’s so important to stop for a few minutes each day and acknowledge what we are grateful for. No matter how small or simple, there is always something to find gratitude for in our day.

So, this Thanksgiving let’s choose gratitude over stress. Let’s choose appreciation instead of overwhelm. Let’s accept that things will more than likely get messy, but that’s OK!

Perfection is impossible, but messy can be beautiful if we choose to see it that way.

This Thanksgiving will open-up to so much more love, fun and peace by practicing gratitude.

You will see the blessings in your life: the food, the home, the family, the gathering, the laughter. And suddenly making your table look perfect, and pleasing every different personality type that will come into your space doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you have food on the table and loved ones to share it with. And if things get messy, let it! Embrace the rambunctious relative and the not-so-mashed mashed potatoes. There is beauty in all of it.

Here is a download to print out and post around your house as you prepare for your Thanksgiving, or print a copy for everyone at your dinner table and share your grateful list with each other – like my extended family will be doing (yes, family, you heard correctly!).

Click Here to Download Your Gratitude Printable

And remember all that you have to be grateful for!