Are You Nagging Too Much? [Video]


Do you feel like you are nagging all the time?

Does it feel impossible to get your children to do what you ask? (until you use your “mad voice”)

Are your mornings (before school) and evenings (before bedtime) filled with chaos and stress?

Tell me if this “school morning scene” sounds familiar … There are a ton of tasks to get done in a short amount of time and you’re watching the clock with the familiar feeling of building irritation — and you just need everyone to contribute without arguing and without adding “bonus chaos.” You’re stressed. They’re taking their time. You’re nagging. They’re now irritable. Morning = AHHHHH!

Your mornings and evenings don’t have to be this stressful and chaotic! Imagine a routine that EVERYONE follows. A routine that eliminates the nagging. Deep breath.

As a parent, I know how easy it is for things to go from calm to chaos in the blink of an eye. Through years of working with other parents and families who feel the same way, I was interested in finding out the most common pain points in our day.

My research led me to this. The highest stress points are: Before school and before bed.

One simple way to immediately reduce the stressful morning and bedtime routine (and eliminate the nagging) is by creating child accountability.

It’s important to get the kids involved by giving them age-appropriate tasks because it gives them a sense of responsibility and independence. (And allows you to take a step back from the consuming micro-managing).

Some examples I’ve used with my kids are cleaning up all of their “stuff” off the floor, laying out their clothes for the next day, and brushing/flossing before bedtime, or packing their own snack for school, feeding the dog and making sure their backpack is packed with everything they need in the morning.

So how do you start working with your kids to create accountability and reduce your own stress?

I’ve created this simple-to-use NO MORE NAGGING CHART to help you do just that!

I made this chart for my family in the hopes to create a smoother before-school and before-bedtime process. Now, we use it every week and it has been so helpful for us that I wanted to share it with you!

Remember, it’s simple! Just print the NO MORE NAGGING CHARTfor each child and fill out their tasks and chores together. Set timers as positive competition if they need a little more encouragement to complete their tasks. Have them check each box as the chore is complete!

Then, watch your weekday routines go from hectic and stress-filled to organized and positive!

Get the No More Nagging Chart

PS – Here’s a quick “how-to” video about how I’ve set up and used the NO MORE NAGGING CHART with my boys if you want a quick insider’s guide.