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Feel like you’re ALWAYS nagging?

Learn the step-by-step plan to get your children to take action… without nagging!

Because it’s exhausting. Frustrating for everyone involved.
And let’s be real … it doesn’t work. If it did you wouldn’t have to keep doing it.

At this point, it feels like you’ve tried it ALL.

Reward charts.  Consequences.  Turning a blind eye.

But your kids STILL do things that drive you absolutely bananas.

There’s a better way.


…Having your kids do the right thing… without nagging

…Getting ready in the morning without it turning into a ‘mad voice’ stress-fuelled nightmare

…Never getting caught in the telling/reminding/nagging cycle again

It’s possible.

Best of all, you have the chance to stop nagging for good – for 60% off the regular price!


No More Nagging

Get your children to do what they SHOULD be doing… without  nagging!

Catch a glimpse of what you get inside…

Lesson 1
The Key to Accountability

You’ll learn…

  • The key to making your child responsible for their actions
  • How to create a massive shift in just 10 minutes a day
  • The two non-negotiable ground rules you must have to create real change
  • An easy printable activity so you can start doing this today

Lesson 2
The Upgraded No More Nagging Chart


  • Make your child more accountable – so you can stop nagging!
  • Unlock the secrets of using the Chart for big impact – quickly
  • Ease the most stressful times of day – right before school & right before bedtime
  • Create a system so everything gets done without relying on you

Lesson 3
Miss One, Gain One

You’ll learn how to…

  • Use consequences that REALLY work… and require zero effort from you
  • Get results, even when the kids won’t follow the Chart
  • Develop a fail-safe system so you don’t fall back on nagging
  • Prevent nag-worthy situations from happening

Lesson 4
Keep Calm & Carry On


  • See the role YOU play in the nagging cycle (and how to stop it)
  • Eliminate the power struggle and battles
  • Get your family on the same page so everyone knows their role in this new, nag-free world
  • Learn how to put this entire system in place so it runs on autopilot!

No more mushy ‘parenting theory’ you don’t know how to apply in real life.

The No More Nagging program is an easy-to-do system that works!

Here’s the thing… it’s not just you.

Your child is JUST as responsible for nagging as you are.

(That’s why the typical stop nagging parenting advice of ‘just calm down’ doesn’t work, because it doesn’t address the real issue.)

No More Nagging gets to the root of the problem – the behavior – which starts the vicious nag cycle.

Stop nagging at the source by stopping the behavior which causes you to nag.

“This is a truly transformative program. Jackie Insinger’s family program and coaching has been tremendously helpful. Based on our work with Jackie we are learning effective communication and most importantly understanding. Her strategies assisted us with the understanding/insight that traditional counseling takes months, or possibly years, to achieve.”

— K. Ramsdale, Parent

Here’s how it works


Sign up now and you’ll get instant access to the complete course! You’ll immediately receive an email with your link and login information to the secure dashboard where you’ll find the 5 videos and PDF printables.


You can complete the entire program in an hour. I’m a mom too, so I know you don’t have time to spare. That’s why I’ve designed the course to be quick & easy!

In less than the time it takes to get dinner ready,
you could…

STOP nagging.  Imagine your child getting ready for school all on their own.  WITHOUT frazzled ‘prompting’ from you.  How much better will your day be, starting off on the right foot?  Biiiiiig sigh of relief.

START motivating.  (On autopilot.)  Teach your child to become the responsible person you want them to become – without defaulting to nagging.

And think of what this means long term.

A happier family.  Everyone wins when you’re not driving each other crazy!

A deeper connection.  Everything changes when you focus on connecting, not correcting.  Suddenly there’s more time for laughs, smiles, and a chance to revel in the BEST parts of parenting.

More time and peace for YOU.  Instead of spending your energy TRYING to get your child to do the right thing, sit back and enjoy since you don’t have to nag anymore.  (Even if you get just 5 minutes to yourself at a time!)

And in case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I’m Jackie Insinger.

Mom of two energetic boys, wife of an equally energetic husband, and nationally acclaimed Family Dynamics Expert.

I work with people all over the world, from celebrities to the most successful CEOs, to help them with the most important relationship of ALL – their family.

I’ve wrapped up the best of my experience – including my Psychology degree from Duke University, Masters from Harvard, and almost two decades working with families – to help your family become happier and more connected!

Why is it so important to get a handle on nagging?

Because the behavior that triggers nagging only gets worse with time.

As kids grow older they have more responsibilities and freedom.

They need to learn to be independent and motivated to do what they need to do… WITHOUT support or involvement. (Or hovering and smothering!)

This is about creating that ‘inner compass’ which guides them to make the right choices. Responsible children grow to be responsible adults.

Because you’re not going to spend the rest of your life tagging after them, nagging them to do the right thing, right?


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so busy! How much time is this going to take?
Trust me, I GET it. (I’m a mom too!)
I specifically designed this course with you in mind. That’s why you can get through all the videos, and implement the system, in an hour. You’ll start seeing results right away.

What if my kids don’t listen?
The beautiful thing about this program is that it’s designed with fail-safes built right in.
Not only does it take the ‘reminding’ burden off of you, it also teaches the consequences of not doing the right thing.

Do I get access to the entire course right away? I need to stop nagging NOW.
YES! You get access to the complete course as soon as you join. You can do it over a couple days, weeks, or binge watch it all, Netflix style. (Not that I would know anything about that, winky-face!)

If you’re ready for…

… A step-by-step plan to STOP the behavior that leads to nagging…
… customizable to children of any age…
…  so you have more ease and joy in your family…

You are ready for No More Nagging!

No theoretical stuff.  Just a clear-cut, proven, actionable system that’s easy to implement.
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